Elected Officials



Office of the Mayor & City Manager
City of Kansas City Missouri
414 E. 12th Street, 29th Floor
Kansas City, MO 64106
  City Council
City of Kansas City Missouri
414 E. 12th Street, 22nd Floor
Kansas City, MO 64106
Sylvester "Sly" James
Phone: 816-513-3500
E-mail: mayor@kcmo.org

City Manager
Troy M. Schulte
Phone: 816-513-1408
E-mail: manager@kcmo.org

1st District
Mayor Pro Tem Scott Wagner (At-Large)
Phone: 816-513-6503
E-mail: kimberly.randolph@kcmo.org
 Councilwoman Heather Hall (In-District)
Phone: 816-513-6505
E-mail: heather.hall@kcmo.org
2nd District  
Councilwoman Teresa Loar (At-Large)
Phone: 816-513-6507
E-mail: teresa.loar@kcmo.org

Councilman Dan Fowler (In-District)
Phone: 816-513-6509
E-mail: dan.fowler@kcmo.org
3rd District  
Councilman Quinton Lucas (At-Large)
Phone: 816-513-6511
E-mail: quinton.lucas@kcmo.org
 Councilman Jermaine Reed (In-District)
Phone: (816) 513-6513
E-mail: jermaine.reed@kcmo.org
4th District  
Councilwoman Katheryn Shields (At-Large)
Phone: 816-513-6515
E-mail: katheryn.shields@kcmo.org
 Councilwoman Jolie Justus (In-District)
Phone: 816-513-6517
E-mail: alec.kelley@kcmo.org
5th District  
Councilman Lee Barnes, Jr. (At-Large)
Phone: 816-513-6519
E-mail: keema.mccoy@kcmo.org
 Councilwoman Alissia Canady (In-District)
Phone: 816-513-6521
E-mail: alissia.canady@kcmo.org
6th District    
Scott Taylor (At-large)
Phone: 816-513-6523
E-mail: katrina.foster@kcmo.org
  Kevin McManus (In-District)
Phone: 816-513-6525
E-mail: fred.wickham@kcmo.org
415 E. 12th Street, 2nd Floor
Kansas City, MO 64106
County Executive   4th District County Legislator
Frank White, Jr.
Phone: 816-881-3333
E-mail: mhennosy@jacksongov.org 
  Dan Tarwater III
Phone: 816-881-3362
E-mail: dtarwater@jacksongov.org
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State Capitol Building
201 W Capitol Avenue
Jefferson City, MO 65101

Jason Holsman (7th District)
Room #421
Phone: 573-751-6607
E-mail: jason.holsman@senate.mo.gov


Shalonn "Kiki" Curls (9th District)
Room #434
Phone: 573-751-3158
E-mail: shalonn.curls@senate.mo.gov


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Greg Razer (25th District)
Room #103-BA
Phone: 573-751-2437
E-mail: greg.razer@house.mo.gov

Gail McCann Beatty (26th District)
Room #204
Phone: 573-751-2124
E-mail: gail.beatty@house.mo.gov


Richard Brown (27th District)
Room #109-G
Phone: 573-751-7639
E-mail: richard.brown@house.mo.gov


DaRon McGee (36th District)
Room #135-AA
Phone: 573-751-9469
E-mail: daron.mcgee@house.mo.gov 


Joe Runions (37th District)
Room #109-B
Phone: 573-751-0238
E-mail: joe.runions@house.mo.gov
Jack Bondon (56th District)
Room #201-F
Phone: 573-751-2175
E-mail: jack.bondon@house.mo.gov
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U.S. Senators    

Roy Blunt
U.S. Senate
260 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
Phone: 202-224-5721 (Washington)
816-471-7141 (Kansas City)
E-mail: Send Email 


Claire McCaskill
U.S. Senate
506 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
Phone: 202-224-6154 (Washington)
816-421-1639 (Kansas City)
E-mail: Send Email

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U.S. Representatives    
Emanuel Cleaver
U.S. House of Representatives
2335 Rayburn Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: 202-225-4535 (Washington)
816-842-4545 (Kansas City)
E-mail: Send Email

101 W. 31`Street
Kansas City, MO 64108
Phone: 816-842-4545

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South KC Chamber of Commerce

406 E. Bannister Road, Suite F
Kansas City, MO 64131-3028

Phone: (816) 761-7660
Fax: (816) 761-7340





South Kansas City is one of the fastest growing areas in the KCMO metropolitan area. Millions of investment dollars are being spent in this region, which makes it a prime location for businesses to grow and prosper. 

The South KC Chamber is dedicated to working with KCMO's city leadership, our business members, and local community organizations to create a positive, growth-oriented business environment in South Kansas City. We would love to support your company's growth too! 


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