LSKC Testimonials

In its 26th year, Leadership South Kansas City has had an impact on nearly 500 participants who have gained a greater knowledge and understanding of the Kansas City Region.  Below are what some participants have said about the program.

The Leadership South Kansas City program was an incredible experience, especially   getting to know the other program participants!  I have lived in the Kansas City area all my life and this program gave me the opportunity to see the inner workings of our community that has given me an even greater appreciation of the city we live and work in. I’m excited about where Kansas City is going!

Art Wegener
Honeywell FM&T

“LSKC was an incredible opportunity for me to meet so many new people, learn more about the wonderful businesses KC has and network with people who I would not      normally come into contact with in           Education.”

Darby Gough
Avila University

“The leadership class was a great  opportunity to learn about the many wonderful things that are happening in   Kansas City. You really get an idea of where we are heading in the near future. Also, you get to have a behind the scenes look at many of our facilities, including our stadiums, the Kauffman Center and many more. The most valuable part of this experience was getting to meet and building relationships with my fellow classmates.”

Kathleen Cussen
Hangers Cleaners

"I have lived in Kansas City all my life.  I didn't know what I didn't know until I participated in the LSKC program.  What I learned helped me to understand what makes this great community tick."

Dave Armstrong
Avila University

"Very enjoyable experience!  I now have many new friends and a much broader appreciation for what Kansas City has to offer."

Kevin Waldron
Olsson Associates

"LSKC was a wonderful opportunity to see Kansas City and learn more about the wonderful people and opportunities the city provides for the community.  I definitely have a stronger sense of pride for Kansas City!"

Bailey Carr
Avila University

My experience with Leadership South Kansas City enabled me to be more connected to what is going on in Kansas City and surrounding areas.  The valuable relationships formed in the class have been beneficial to my role at my company."

Katie Huckabee
AlphaGraphics Kansas City

"LSKC helped me feel connected to the Kansas City community in a way I never have, and helped build connections that have helped me personally and professionally."

Deanna Nelson
Avila University

“LSKC changed my life and fundamentally changed the way I see and help run our plumbing business.  That simple…"

Jeff Morgan, Owner
Morgan Miller Plumbing

“Being a small social service agency in South KC, I am still recognizing the benefits of taking the LSKC class.  During the classes, I was able to establish new contacts with other agencies, city and state government officials and area businesses that I would not have been able to do  otherwise.  At the same time, our agency has been able to reach out to others, providing new partnerships and support in the area.  I have also established new friendships with  fellow classmatesundefinedextending outside the professional arena.”

Pam Meek, Programs Coordinator
Community Assistance Council

"What I gotundefinedI got opened eyes to the endless roots that the Kansas City area business community has with the entire country and the world.  I saw how intertwined we are here in “cowtown” to helping others, interacting with others and impacting the economy.  I enjoyed each and every day that I attended.”

Sgt. Eric Stucker
Kansas City Police Department

“For a daily commuter to KCMO, it was eye opening and exciting to learn about the      infrastructure of the city and all the collaboration that goes on.”

Justin Foltz, Technical Manager
Honeywell FM&T

"Being part of the LSKC this past year was a wonderful experience.  I learned more about South Kansas City and metropolitan area as a whole than I ever expected.  This program also exposed my to a variety of ways that I can impact South Kansas City through      listening to the various subject matter speakers we had.”

Debbie Harms
Director Facilities Maintenance   
General Services Administration (GSA)

“The class was an eye opener to what Kansas City has to ffer and how to get involved in the community, and the opportunity to network was priceless.  I learned a lot of great things and met a lot of interesting  people.”

Tamika McDonald
Purchasing Analyst
Hickman Mills C-1 School District

"What a great opportunity to network, not only with businesses and community leaders, but also with other classmates.  I’ve made acquaintances that I will refer to often and never forget.  Who knew Kansas City was such an interesting and vibrant place to live."

Mike Rogers
Environment Manager
Kingswood Senior Living Community

“The sessions were extremely informative and really helped paint a broader picture of our community and our role in it.  Like pieces of a puzzle coming together, I now have a better understanding of what the successful melding of business, government and individual ingenuity can bring!”

Shelley Wales
Senior Career Advisor, DeVry University

I was raised in the KC metro area, and prior to LSKC my knowledge of all things Kansas City was very limited.  LSKC introduced me to life-long friends and business partners, and made me a well-informed member of our business community.  I would recommend LSKC for any member of our community who wants to be better connected and aware of the things that impact the citizens of Kansas City.”

Aaron Dawson
Commercial Banking Officer, UMB Bank
2009 Graduate

"After 25 years of living and working in Kansas City, I was amazed with the people, places and achievements of Kansas City.  This city has a lot to offer and I enjoyed getting a chance to learn more about Kansas City.  What made it even more interesting and enjoyable were the fellow classmates and their diverse, interesting and entertaining experiences!”

Michelle Irwin
Director of Development & Sales, First Call
2009 Graduate

LSKC meetings were very well structured to familiarize participants with the breadth and depth of the metroplex's underlying assets.  They clearly demonstrate that the  region is  well positioned to accommodate virtually any business of any size. That, along with the many needs for infrastructure improvements, reveals challenging potential for investors and career seeking individuals.”

Ed Fleetwood
Retired Kansas City Businessman

In the beginning I thought LSKC was a class to learn how or to improve your leadership skills, and though I did discover some of those abilities, there was more beyond the          surface.  It is not enough to live in this city; you must understand it, and to learn how the metropolis functions and grows is at the core of this class.  You will navigate across      multiple organizations to learn their missions, you will network with leaders who are your classmates and presenters, and you will learn how you fit inside the big picture.”

Damian Torres-Botello
Office Manager, Avila Advantage

"The South Kansas City Leadership class was the ultimate experience in learning about the area in which we live and work. I strongly encourage others to take advantage of the class that pulls information concerning Kansas Ctiy together in a concise and enjoyable fashion for everyone."

Patricia Mader
Corporate Development Specialist
DeVry University

"The Leadership South Kansas City class is anything but a 'class'. This is a wonderful experience that will open up your eyes to so much of what not only the Kansas Ctiy metro has, but also what the states of Missouri and Kansas offer - regardless of how long you have lived or worked in the area. You will see and experience things that you simply don't have the opportunity to experience on your own."

Zach Fee
VP Commercial Banking Division
UMB Bank

"The most imprtant part of this class was networking. Meeting the leaders of our community. I was so amazed how all of the places we visited were so interconnected. So many of the companies we visited inspired our class to want to go home, find every grade school child, and encourge them on to the paths we found successful for our community."
Terri McReynolds
Operations Manager
Foundation Workshop, Inc.

"I do not live in the Kansas City area, but commute each day. Assuming responsibility for a Kansas Ctiy branch, I needed to know the area I serve. The Leadership class gave me the opportunity to get to know Kansas City on a personal level. From the Arts & Entertainment to Bio-Science, I discovered how great Kansas City is to work and play in."

Dee Bullard
Banking Center Manager
Bank Midwest

"The Leadership Conference was an eye opening experience and was a great time to be a participant with the new development transpiring downtown.  To be able to network and receive first hand knowledge and insight from the "Powers That Be" around the city as projects were being brainstormed, developed, and completed was priceless."

Diana Smith
Business Services Coordinator
Mazuma Credit Union

"I thought it was a wonderful experience and a tremendous vehicle to gain exposure to many influential Kansas Citians that many never get the chance to meet."

John Baccala
Public Information Coordinator
Hickman Mills C-1 School District

"The leadership program allowed me to meet new people from all different types of businesses and learn a lot about Kansas City. I've lived in KC for practically all of my life and didn't know a lot of the inter-workings of government, police, fire, and economic development. Meeting the mayor was a memorable day in the leadership class!"

Cathy Mahurin
Recruitment Representative
Avila Advantage

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